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Realization reversed and the global Hierophant – May 4 World Reading

Reversal or realization. We are under the control of the Hierophant.

Thinking about the state of the world, and using the online one button spread, I draw realization but reversed.

The Triumph of Spirit Realization archetype carries with it the idea of realization. Realization is a moment in our experience when we realize a significant/higher truth. In the old energy version of this card, and as noted in the advanced commentary of this entry, the Hierophant works to suppress and corrupt realization.

Reversed, this indicates that the world has a problem with realization. This seems quite apropos since at this very moment in the unfolding of the human story,  many people are having a hard time realizing any truth.  Part of this difficulty is internal, because of simple fear and confusion based refusal to let the energies of realization, but a more substantial part is external. Unfortunately, the Internet, which at one time had such progressive potential, has been turned into a Coliseum of violence and stupidity. The Internet has become a tool of the Hierophant, who now uses its power to sow confusion, and obscure and corrupt the truth. In this environment, where giant corporations busy themselves manipulating the mind’s of the masses, the Hierophant appears to have gained global power, and the energies of realization are being profoundly suppressed.


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So what do we do with this information? What can we do to alter the situation? What can we do to dismiss the old energy hierophant and right this reversal of realization? There are only two things we can do. One is to educate ourselves as to the true nature of this world that we live in, which is, as discussed in Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Money and the Economy, a world of exclusionary privilege. Two is to take an active role in the facilitation of realization through the gentle distribution of education and truth. Use your coffee tables, your email signatures, your social feeds, your coffee breaks, and whatever else you can think of to distribute the truth.
And just to note, true information is information that is inclusive, uplifting, peaceful, and connecting. True information brings the world together in ascending joy and goodwill. False information tears it apart and encourages physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual violence between its parts. So long as your “truths” are filled with “us and them” anger and hatred, you’re spewing Old Energy nonsense.
Those listening to old energy nonsense should begin the process of tuning it out. By all means necessary, push it out of your personal and familial contact space.
Those spewing old energy nonsense should immediately cease and desist.

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I'm just a guy, living on a planet, watching it slowly spiral into ecological collapse and destruction as a consequence of humanity's sickness and disconnection. I have committed my work and my life to doing something about it.

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