Graduation (formerly The World)

Your Wakeup Call

Your Wakeup Call

Healing Meanings

Key Phrase: It is time to wake up.

Symbolism: Consciousness/Spirit is calling. Consciousness descends from the Crown and pulls the bodily ego upward. A powerful pull. An irresistible push. An unignorable call to awaken. The figures, representing the bodily ego, look up as they respond to the Call. The body/mind begins to awaken. It is time to take the journey home.

Narrative: This card represents the call to awaken and our response to this call. There is more to this life than at first seems. The search for greater meaning and purpose begins. The powerful urge to embrace truth and reality grows. We take our first step and move forward on the Path.

At the highest level, this is the call to awaken to identity/purpose, activate, and eventually ascend to a higher state. We understand there is a need to move forward. We throw off the blindfold and begin to awaken in a measure that we are able to handle.

At mundane levels, this is a push forward towards insight and awareness. We have a problem, but the solution is there. If we pay closer attention, if we listen to inner guidance, and if we trust our intuition, the solution is right there to hand.

Present in an assessment upright, this card represents the call to awaken. This is the rising suspicion that something is wrong, that something is missing, and that something needs to be done. This is a push to move forward. Responding to the call, you begin to see through the thin veneer of fantasy and self-delusion. You begin to awaken. Insight and understanding begin to grow. Vision clears. Awareness slowly dawns. Perhaps for the first time since birth, you see the truth of things.

Card reversed and/or negatively aligned, this is an oppressive force of violence, pain, corruption, deception, disruption, confusion, subjugation, and immobilization. The call to awaken grows, pressure builds inside, but resistance to the call is profound. Overwhelmed by fear, confusion, low self-worth, social convention, autocracy, external resistance, violence, etc., you suppress the call and lash out. Anger boils within and rots you deep inside.

Alignments indicate supports and obstacles to awakening. Positive alignments indicate a strong call to awaken and the presence of support and wise guidance. No longer a subtle sensibility, no longer a gentle touch, an intense sense of urgency rises inside us. Negative alignments indicate uncertainty, confusion, psychological or emotional resistance, and external judgment and control. The call should lead to awakening, understanding, and transformation, but something, or someone, blocks the way forward. We feel judged and unworthy. We believe the lies they have told. We succumb to the Great Deception and submit. We lower our heads and turn away from our own highest Light.

Understand, nobody is here to judge and condemn. The calling leads to insight, enlightenment, emancipation, empowerment, and connection, not judgment and damnation. Who wants to live in the dull grey of normal? Gather your gumption. Release your attachments to drama and toxicity. Let go of anger and negativity. The key to moving forward is conscious intent. Say, “I wish to awaken; I wish to move forward.” Stay focused on the Path before you. Be wary of obstacles. Pay attention to challenges. Be mindful of that which surrounds you. Find the ones who have your best interests at heart. Move! It is important. As the planet ascends, the physical, emotional, and psychological consequences of disconnection will rapidly manifest.

Triumph of Spirit New Energy

This is an awakening card. This card represents the individual and collective call to awaken, activate, and ascend.

If you are listening, this is the gentle caress of Spirit.

If you are distracted, this is the insistent nudge of 11:11.

If you are stubborn, this is an aggressive and urgent shove.

If you are resistant, this is the powerful wrench of life/earth changes.

If you are immobile, this your mighty and fearsome downfall.

However you get to this point, however, you respond to the call, however long it takes you to move, be mindful; once you get started, be careful not to stop.

Do not allow yourself to be turned away by distraction.

Do not allow yourself to be bumped from the Path, even if dramatic transformations ensue.

Consistent, progressive and positive change is required for the Divine World Order to unfold.

Also, keep in mind, whatever your particular trigger, whether that be the gentle touch of Spirit or a dramatic and final downfall, it has nothing to do with judgment, failure, or being one of the “chosen ones.”

Awakening is not a question of ability or talent, God’s grace, or internal instinct. Awakening is a question of global timing, that is all.

Heed the call now or face an inevitable fall.


As noted, this card represents individual and collective awakening. For your information, the awakening and activation will occur in three waves.

The first wave is already complete. The first wave struggled the hardest and sacrificed the most in their drive to awaken, activate, and transform. They brought the necessary communication technology. Now, their work is done.

The second wave is emerging right now (approximately 2016-2025). In the children’s global rising, and in the adults not chastising, we see the beginning of the end of the ugly old world show. Unlike in the past, in the 1960s and before, this wave will not be shut down.

The third wave will begin in as little as eight years from now (2026). As the second wave pushes back the darkness, the third wave will struggle hardly at all. The will awaken in an emerging Divine World Order. They will assist and uplift the weak and the weary, the afflicted and unhinged. They will transform the planet. They herald Earth’s glorious graduation.

Please note, graduation ceremonies are not held until all the old world is gone and all people achieve healing and connection, victory and power. By all means, enjoy emerging paradise, but do not forget the promise. Healing will need to be done,[1] so embrace your lightworker role.


[1] For the LP healing framework, see

Old Energy

Like a lot of the archetypes near the end of this book, the old energy version of this archetype preserves much of the higher, deeper, meaning. In the old energies, this card represents “the accomplishment of the great work of transformation, which is finally completed in response to the summons of the Supernal” (Waite). Or at least, as Papus says, this is a step in the right direction. “The material world progresses one degree in its ascension towards God” (Papus).

This is certainly true. In the old energy, this is transformation in response to “the summons” (i.e. the Calling). The corruption, of course, lies in the fact that in the old energies, “transformation” is achieved through repression/sublimation of Self to the System (see the old energy Devil Card).

Corruption is also inserted when this card is named judgment. In the old energy version, the suggestion is simple. In the old energy the claim is that not everybody passes judgment and accomplishes “transformation.” In the old energies, only a chosen few are judged strong, worthy, and able.

In the old energy, in the end, not everybody enjoys freedom, prosperity, and reward.

In the old energy, the masses are judged as “less then” and discarded as chaff. For their own good, they are confined by the devil and bound in slave servitude to the wheel.

Old Energy Dismissal

In the new energy, we put aside such foolish, judgmental, and elitist nonsense.

In the new energy, there are no tests of worthiness, no stipulations of exclusivity, no claims to superiority, and no dismissive rejection of the unworthy.

In the new energy, the rich do not lord it over the poor.

In the new energy, you don’t have to bend over or bend the knee.

In the new energy, the call is issued to the entire world, no compromise required, and no strings attached.

In the new energy, everybody is called to transformation.

In the new energy, conditions are provided so that everyone can heal,

In the new energy, everyone can find their way home.

In the new energy, lightworkers are provided so that all may walk the path back to power, connection and joy.

Let us be crystal clear about this. In the new energy, the intent is collective awakening and graduation. In the new energy, it is utopia, and Shambhala for all, and not just the selfish and arrogant few.

Book of Slavery

This is Judgment, and this is Death
A Tower of Babble, all through your head.
For you’re not worthy, and you’re not Strong
And you’re no Master, you’re just a nob
A silly sheeple, a little ape,
A cone of silence, your soul to rape.
Why even bother, why even care.
You’re just a pig in sinful snare.

So get thee gone, go back to work.
Your labor duties, must never shirk.
For God in Heaven, Darwin below.
Say buck it up, its time to sow.
So pick up tools, and bend your knee.
And follow close, your family tree.
For silent service, on slavery’s row.
Your lot hereafter, in cosmic show.

Book of Power

This is Judgment, and this is Death
A Tower of Babble, crumbles in head.
We’ve found you worthy, and very Strong
You are a Master, cut with iron hob.
Those silly sheeple, those nakes apes,
Kneel now before you, and feed you grapes.
Why even bother, why even care.
They’re just some pigs, in brilliant snare.

So get your ass out, go back to work.
Your labor duties, must never shirk.
For God in Heaven, Darwin below.
Say buck it up, its time to sow.
So pick up tools, and bend your knee.
And follow close your family tree.
For eye on top, it always knows.
Your lot’s to serve this System show.

Book of Keys

Child, this is the end.
This is where you did wend.
As you followed footpath.
That led you through the pass.

They said judgment would come.
A new day, a small crumb.
‘nother year on the wheel.
You’d deserve it and kneel.

But you’ve passed through your fear,
And have made it to here.
Seen duality’s crass.
See the plan is quite vast.

You have learned the bits fast.
Have seen Plan is quite vast.
Have put aside ancient caste.
Now the end’s here at last.

So let chakras explode
Release your mother lode.
And let light from your sun
Flow and warm everyone.

And as energy flies,
And kundalini it rise,
And as lotus crown swan,
Guess we really have won.

So just give us three cheers,
You have made it to here.
The new world it now comes.
Cry out loud. Bang a drum.

We stand and welcome you in.
Can’t control this big grin.
Drink a toast, hoist the mast.
Take the journey, at last!