Power (formerly The Tower)

Halo/Sharp Tarot Power

The Triumph of Spirit

Healing Meanings

Key Phrase: Activation and empowerment.

Symbolism: An empowered figure in a fully activated physical unit embraces their divine creative brilliance. Unencumbered by archetypes of limitation and oppression, energies flow freely. Fully connected, Consciousness explodes into creation. Knocked off balance, the disconnected stumble and fall. This is the creative power of Self, balanced by the full spectrum of Consciousness, expressed through an aligned and activated physical unit.

Narrative: This card teaches you about your full creative potential and power, and if you are not compassionate and careful, the consequences to those that surround.

At the highest level, this is the highest Consciousness descended and the empowering impact thereof. Remember, power is not about personal will and selfish strength; it is about the potential of Consciousness to alter reality, uplift all, and transform the world. Realizing who you are and why you are here, you move forward with gusto. Using your newfound powers, you uplift the planet and ascend. Home again, you ensure the final Triumph of Spirit in the World.

At mundane levels, this is power over your world. Confident in your identity and abilities, confident in your understanding of life, you use your skills to create the world you want. Spirituality as realization of connection. Science as manifestation of the Consciousness of God.

Present in an assessment upright, this card indicates an empowerment. There have been psychological, emotional, spiritual, or physical obstacles that have kept you limited and diminished, but now you blast through the limitations and begin to transform. Feeling the awesome power, you and wonder why you ever doubted yourself.

Card reversed and or/negatively aligned, this card indicates passivity, obedience, and impotence, or the bullying use of power and force to dominate another. You have been called to awaken and transform, but you resist. Tired and beaten, you refuse to do the work. Fear of your Self power, fear of repercussions, or simple disorientation and confusion, block you back up. You submit to the System and diminish. Alternatively, you find venal power and take it. Having claimed earthly power, you use this power to dominate, enrich yourself, and harm others. You rise in the venal hierarchies, using those that surround. “Friends” and acquaintances abound, but you are empty, miserable, and alone.

Alignments indicate self-esteem, self-worth, strengths, supports, and doubts that support empowerment or undermine it. Positive alignments, indicate that home spaces are aligned, social relations are supportive, and the workplace is on board. A massive shift is occurring or on the way, and you are situated to help it along. Taking your power, you move the Plan forward. Negatively aligned, you struggle to break free. Low self-esteem, doubts, issues, and people drag you down and bind you. The chains are too heavy. You fall into impotence and fail to transform.

This archetype represents your power and glory embraced. Unfortunately, embracing your power and glory is not an easy thing to do. Ideological, emotional, and psychological damage causes you to shrink from true power or grasp at venal substitutes. Remember, true power and strength comes with alignment with Self. Always remember you are no foolish idiot. You have the wisdom of eons and the full power of God deep within you. You are a joyful and powerful master of creation. Embrace your full power and true divinity. Take your power, take control and transform the world.

Triumph of Spirit New Energy

This is an ascension card. This card applies both to individual ascension and to the final end-times unfolding.

For the individual, this archetype represents a personal milestone on the road to activation and connection, or the final powerful expansion and expression of Consciousness in creation.

This is the individual lightworker in full manifestation.

This is the realized master, emancipated and in full power glory.

For the individual, this is unity of self with Self, full expression of Consciousness, victory, and confident solidification of purpose.

This is realization of individual divinity.

This is the triumph of spirit.


At the collective level, this card is the final milestone of activation and connection. As humanity awakens, emancipates, and victoriously claims power, humanity graduates as a collective and connected star nation.

At a collective level, this is when a sufficient minority have realized this truth: as joyful masters of this world, it is we who have the power of creation.

At a collective level, this is when a sufficient minority have realized this truth: when across the world we are joined in unity, we have the full power of God.

This is unity off global Consciousness.

This is the final dispersal of darkness.

This is the emergence of Spirit into plain view.

This is the annihilation of the old world.

This is the realization of collective divinity.

This is the global triumph of spirit.

Old Energy

Even though old energy decks, as we know, represent the corruption of spiritual archetypes, nevertheless this card retains a pure representation of the plain spiritual truth. A.E. Waite in The Pictorial Key to the Tarot (1911) suggests this card represents “the materialization of the spiritual word.” In this, he is one hundred percent correct. Papus, in Tarot of the Bohemians, agrees, for he also says “it signifies the invisible or spiritual world, incarnated in the visible and material world. “Thus, in the old energy, this card is insight, the recognition of the truth, and the bursting of internal light” (Papus).

Curiously, in the old energy, this is also the triumph of spirit in the world, but with one important difference. Whereas in the new energy, to get “the power” you emancipate, realize, and connect, in the old energy it is about overcoming the “weaknesses” that originally and continually leads to your fall.

In the Book of Slavery, this card is often read as a warning. This is dangerous territory. Be careful. Take time your time. Doubt yourself.  Perhaps you should stay away. As Ouspensky says, if you mess up, the consequences are severe.

In the Book of Power, this card is read as the “chastisement” (Waite, 1911) of a chosen one reaching too far. Perhaps it is about the trials, tribulations, and “purifications” that go to create the good peon. As Crowley says, this is the power of purification through fire. There is power and reward, for the few, but “to obtain [such] perfection, all existing things must be annihilated.” (Crowley).  In the Book of Power, this is suffering, testing, submission, and the destruction of your ego so you can be rebuilt in the image of the masters.

Old Energy Dismissal

In the new energies, we do away with all the nonsense about weakness, danger, disruption, fire, and purification. The only fire is the fire of your consciousness as you gradually awaken, emancipate, and connect. The only danger, especially as graduation approaches, is in not moving forward fast enough.

In truth, for those locked in the old energy, this is “disaster and upheaval,” “ruin, disruption, and overthrow.” For those in the old energy, this is despair. The Lightning Flash of Consciousness blasts the top of the tower (the crown), but in so doing, the unprepared are thrown convulsing to the ground.

Those who resist change…

Those who suppress Consciousness…

Those who deny the truth…

Those who are too afraid to move forward…

Those who refuse to renounce Mammon…

Those who, out of misinformed choice or indoctrinated fear, “remain behind”…

…these are the ones that suffer unnecessarily when spirit triumphs in the world.

Of course, it does not need to be that way. When fully prepared and ensconced in new energies, one experiences the Triumph of Spirit with power and joy.

In the new energies, this is the end of the old world; but, we find no reason to lament. If the caterpillar enters the chrysalis, it always emerges transformed.


Be aware, the collective Triumph of Spirit occurs as the result of a million individual triumphs. Think of our earth as a big bag of microwave popcorn. As Consciousness enters, vibration ascends, the energy boils, and the kernels begin to *pop*. At first, it is only a few that *pop* into full power, but as the energies continue to rise, these few trigger more and more. A chain reaction of expanding Consciousness and Divine realization subsequently ensues until shortly, and finally, God emerges in the world.

This collective triumph of spirit is illustrated in the Great Invocation animation.


Book of Slavery

This is the flash of insight,
This is the height of God’s might.
This is the end of old world,
This is our flight as foretold.

This is the weakness within,
Which you see but cannot over win.
Better step back and stand way over there.
Or for sure you’ll be blinded by glare.

Book of Power

This is the flash of insight.
This is the height of God’s might.
This is the end of old world.
Let the new world now quickly unfurl.

As commander I come and I speak.
There is nobody here that is weak.
For the power of light we all share.
No matter how fancy our lair.

So stand up and wake up, it’s your time,
You must heed the one who brings this rhyme.
Please attend to this message true blue
Release hold or expire, “boo hoo.”

Book of Keys

Dear one,
I agree life was creepy with sin,
’Twas disgusting and putrid within.
But remember my child when you pray,
You descended. ’Twas the only way.

’Cause you see it gets awfully darn bright.
When just one of us turns on the light.
Just imagine what a handful could do.
Or a billion concurrent. It’s true!

For in this poem is the rightness declared.
This is no time to play solitaire.
You must open yourself to the light,
You must put it all back ’xactly right.

For the rocket’s red glare that you prayed?
That is nothing to what comes this day.
All that brilliant and blinding pure light?
It’s enough to give Beelzebub fright.

So step forward, accept gift to you.
All this stuff? You believe it, it’s true.
So believe what I’ve come here to say.
Shambhala in this place, on this day.

Halo/Sharp Tarot Power