Initiation (formerly Death)

Initiation Triumph of Spirit archetype deck


Healing Meanings

Key Phrase: The flesh no longer weak.

Symbolism: The chaos, darkness, disease, and death of old energy creation lie below. A figure climbing an activation spiral struggles out of the darkness. The ladder is vertical; the climb is difficult; the pitfalls numerous. However, there is hope. As we release fear, as we clarify and realize, strength returns. The pace accelerates. New energies begin to flow. A circle/energy sphere provides a boundary to protect the climber and keep her on track.

Narrative: This card represents initiation and ascent. This is a point of emotional, psychological, spiritual, and/or political maturation. This is, individually or collectively, another step up the ladder. We know who we are. We realize our purpose. We understand our sacrifice. We roll up our sleeves. Our connection improves. We ascend a little higher.

At the highest levels, this is the initiation of physical creation, the initiation of evolution, and the final initiation of Consciousness’s descent into a willing and able (i.e. properly prepared) physical vessel. When the work is complete, the spirit is willing and the flesh is no longer weak.

At mundane levels, this is the initiation of a project. This is the activity that follows the idea and the decision to build. A house. A screenplay. A business. A family.

Present in an assessment upright, this card represents the solidification of intent, the initiation of a plan, a step forward, or a new beginning. Doubt, fear, and confusion are gone. The pieces come together. You solve the puzzle. You are consciously ready to move forward. Strong and deliberate forward movement ensues. You get started and you start making things happen.

Card reversed and/or negatively aligned, this card indicates fear, hatred, anger, and confusion. Demons, devils, and dragons in mind keep you locked down. Toxic relationships at home, work, and in the “social” lodges suppress and control instead of uplift and emancipate. Feelings of rejection, dejection, and worthlessness abound. Deep self-doubt leads us to conform. We would rather fit in and follow than fly.

Alignments indicate people, environments, and thoughts that support forward movement towards connection/ascension, or that undermine us and drag us down. Positive alignments indicate positive support. The path ahead may be difficult and challenging, but thanks to available support, progress is possible. Negative alignments indicate negativity, suppression, and loss. You are beaten. Like a horse that finally submits, you are broken. Fear, violence, threat, confusion, and oppression have proven too much. You acquiesce and succumb. Self-delusion spreads like cancer.

At times, you may feel lost and defeated. Do not give up. Do not let depression overwhelm your bright Soul. Remember, the only loss that is a true loss is the loss that comes when you give up and stop trying. Remind yourself of the promise. Embrace joyful mastery and the strength of divine purpose. Bedraggled and abused, but breathing and alive all the same, there is still hope and there is still time. Do not succumb to hatred. Do not be afraid. Do not feel unworthy. Do not allow yourself to be damned. Out of the valley of the shadow of death, you may yet still emerge. It is a simple choice that you make to create the World where you live. Open to your own higher Consciousness. Trust in your own higher Self. Embrace and accept the lightning flash of your own highest inspiration. Listen to the calling. Find your way home.

Triumph of Spirit New Energy

This is an awakening archetype. At an individual level, this card refers to individual initiation, the commencement of the struggle out of darkness and confusion (i.e. Babylon/Maya/hell). This is the drive towards healing and connection activated by the calling to awaken.

In essence, this archetype marks the beginning of the formal process of awakening, activation, and ascension, but it can also represent a “moment” and milestone in the process, particularly when we choose to continue our ascent towards connection. Initiation is also re-initiation, a point after we have overcome an obstacle or reached a significant plateau when we decide, perhaps after a period of rest and integration, to continue our ascent.

Here, after formally and consciously setting your intent, you move forward. Here, you take a deliberate step upward as you continue your struggle out of despair, desperation, darkness, and death. Here, you take a purposeful step forward towards healing and connection (awakening, activation, and ascension).

As with all archetypes, this can be read at an individual and at a collective level. At a collective level, this is the initiation of global transformation leading to graduation. Transformation starts slow but proceeds in three exponentially accelerating, an increasingly disorientating for those not moving forward, waves of shift and change. You should know, the global transformation that leads inevitably to global ascension and graduation is a rapid unfolding that, once properly initiated, cannot easily be stopped.

You should know, during the final years of the old world, three major initiations followed by three increasingly remarkable waves of personal and global transformations will occur. The first wave crested at the turn of the 21st century. It brought subversive and globalized inter-personal communication (computers, then smartphones) which allow connection to any point in the planet’s fabric! The second wave crests in the next few years. It will bring powerful, quantum technologies and the ousting of elites and their establishments. The third initiation has already begun. It brings a tsunami of personal and global transformation. With each passing day, it builds strength and power. It will crest, let’s say, in this moment, 2030, in Frashokereti, which is complete repair/renovation of the planet and its people, and the establishment of Shambhala.

Old Energy

In the old energies, this card, despite its grim name, is presented as alchemical transformation, meaning a transformation of personality and self. As A.E. Waite says, it is not physical death; it is a “change in the form of consciousness and the passage into an [alternate] state.” It is, as he says, “rebirth, creation, destination, renewal, and the rest.“

Clearly, in the old energies, this is also a card of initiation. The question arises at this point, what is the difference that corrupts the meaning and makes this an old energy archetype? The difference is that in the old energy, this is a key movement in the suppression of Self and indoctrination into the System. In the old energy, this archetype represents the “destruction preceding … regeneration” (Papus, 1982).  This is the psychological and physical violence of military indoctrination which destroys the ego to rebuild for compliance and servitude. This is the psychological and emotional violence of esoteric initiation which ostensibly does the same.

To be clear, in the old energy, the death archetype is a euphemism for the ritualistic destruction and subsequent reconstruction of your self, usually performed upon you so that you might better “fit” in (to the System), but sometimes undertaken willingly, as a conscious step on the lured path to power and sin. As you are repeatedly told, your You must die so that you can fit in.



Old Energy Dismissal

Of course, in the new energies, we brush aside this foolish nonsense. In the new energies, we come to understand that death represents the delusions of disconnection, and that the sacrifice of Self is counterproductive nonsense,

As we initiate we remember, we are not old energy fools, souls in training, rejected sinners, karmic scapegoats, or evolving apes.

As we initiate, we understand, we are already sparks of Divine power and light and we do not have to prove ourselves worthy.

As we initiate, we heal and connect as we take another step up the splendiferous ladder of ascension.

Book of Slavery

Child, this is transformation.
This is change.
This is passage.
This is death.

This is fear.
This is judgment.
This is passage.
This is death.

Are you worthy?
Are you strong?
This is passage.
This is death.

Are you sure
That you’re not wrong?
This is passage.
This is death.

This is passage for the few.
This is death for he and you.
Runaway dear, runaway,
Come again another day.

Failed to dare?
Don’t despair.
There’s no passage
This is death

Sure next time.
You’ll change this tune.
But ‘til then just go away.
Try again another day.

Book of Power

Child, this is transformation.
This is change.
This is passage.
This is death.

This is fear.
This is judgment.
This is passage.
This is death.

You are worthy.
You are strong.
This is passage.
This is death.

Now we’re sure
You play our song,
This is passage.
This is death.

This is passage
For the few.
This is death
For outcast crew.

Kneel and pray.
Your ego slayed.
Welcome in
Your dues are paid.

Book of Keys

Open your heart.
Open your eye.
Open your mind.

Breathe deep a few times.
Listen and repeat after me.

We are one, child.
We have won.
Welcome home.
The deed is done.

We are one child.
We have won.
Time to get
Back to the sun.

We are one.
Child, we have won.
Deep inside.
This blissful pun.

We are one, child.
We have won!
Sing Shambhala.
For Kingdom come.

Advanced Commentary

Initiation (formerly Death)

In the new energy, this is an awakening archetype. In the new energy, this archetype teaches you of the struggle out of darkness, confusion, and indoctrination that is part of the awakening process.

In the old energy, this is a Fool in School archetype. In the old energy, this is the idea that in order to advance, enlighten, and transform, you must destroy, suppress, or otherwise subvert some aspect of self and Self.

Old Energy

In the old and new energy, the basic idea of this archetype is initiation, an action taken or an insight gained that allows you to continue to move forward/climb the ladder of ascension.

In the old energy, this movement is the movement from one level to another, the movement from an outer circle to an inner one, a movement up the chain of command, a step higher on the ladder of power and authority. In the old energy, the thing you do is the mutilation and amputation of self and Self, often symbolized in some ritual undertaking. If you are going to be a member of the club, you must profess undying loyalty, you must sacrifice self and Self in order to submit to the rules and regulations. If you are going to be a member of the club, you must make a sacrifice of self and of soul. No sense in pretending this is not so. No point in reminiscence. No need for maudlin sentiment and nostalgia. To gain power and authority you must hang your old self on the sacrificial tree and prove yourself a loyal link in the ancient chain of power and command.

Of course, this initiation is not for everyone. Not everybody can be a member of the .01 percent. In order to restrict access, membership is by birth, or by invitation. The masses find their initiatory pathways blocked by fear, hatred, and self-doubt, seeded by old energy religions that pander ideologies of diminishment and fear.

The fear, hatred, and diminishment serve a double role. It blocks us from demanding entry into the private club, and it blocks our way our way inward towards truth, self-knowledge, and divinity. We fear demons and devils. We fear God and consciousness. We fear judgment and damnation. We fear unworthiness and death. We are immobilized and impotent in the face of our confusion and fear, and we die filled with it.

The worst thing about this is that despite the fact that we are confused and indoctrinated from birth, we are blamed for our fear. Failure to deal with fear, succumbing to hatred and self-doubt, is read as a failure of evolution, genetics, or strength. It is not the indoctrination of Church and state that is the case, it is our genetic/moral/spiritual weakness that keeps us in our chains. Only God’s chosen overcome fear and move forward. Only the strong face demons and survive. Those who pass fear and enter into the temples of power and privilege smugly pat themselves on the back as strong, chosen, winners. Those on the outside are failures – weak sheeple who cannot handle the truth.

The Book of Slavery entry for this card provides a summary of the ideas, diminishments, and fears that are seeded and subsequently invoked to prevent access and thwart initiation. Fear of death, fear of judgment, lack of self-worth, deeply seeded self-doubt, and the underlying bullshit narrative that “only the chosen few” deserve power and reward keep us chained to the slaver’s block.

The Book of Power invokes the same fears and diminishments, but with supportive words and rituals necessary to ensure successful initiation. Despite propaganda to the contrary, they do not do it alone. Initiation and entry into the club is always accompanied by psychological and emotional control rituals which support initial “breakthroughs” and constantly reinforce submission, loyalty, and subversion/sacrifice of s/Self. Pretensions of superiority are self-delusions designed to obscure the real truth. For power and wealth, you have sacrificed Self and sold your immortal soul.

Getting into the new energy

It is all a load of nonsense, of course. Fear is imposed on us by priests who speak of hell and damnation, by Brahmins who speak of karma and lower birth, and (in our modern times) by Agents of Consciousness working for the Babylonian machine. We are not born in fear or with “original sin,” we are born pure, loving, and trusting. Fear, diminishment, and confusion are imposed specifically to immobilize and disempower. Fear, diminishment, and confusion are simply bricks in the walls of wealth and power, and putrid excuses for privilege and exclusion.

Thus, the new energy archetype sacrifice does not participate in all the ugly nonsense of fear, diminishment, and exclusion. In the new energy archetype, the idea is still of initiation, and there is a recognition that initiations may be powerful, disorienting, and challenging, especially at the beginning, but there are no fears, diminishments, or threats involved. In the energy, we do not hide behind closed doors, excluding the unworthy from the temples.

In the new energy, initiation is a global awakening and empowerment, an individual and collective step forward on the journey home to awareness and divinity that everyone is invited to take. In the new energy, initiation is a breakthrough that leads to further forward movement. The breakthrough could be a profound realization, a dramatic empowerment, or a subtle materialization. The key is that we climb higher as a result.

Each step up the ladder we take, each activation we go through, each chakra we unblock, each fear and issue we resolve, takes us further up and out of the valley of the shadow of death and confusion, farther away from impotence and unawareness, and closer towards fuller expression of the love, divinity, and power that is our true self and incarnated birthright.


  • Like a lot of old energy archetypes, self-doubt, and diminishment form the foundation of enslavement and control. These also prevent initiation. Therefore, watch out for veiled (or not so veiled) threats about punishment, damnation, karma, rebirth, and so on. Watch out for suggestions of violence, especially in regards to failure. Watch out for thoughts and ideas that encourage you to diminish yourself. The universe is a universe of love, compassion, and inclusion, and you are a being of joyful light and power. God/consciousness/spirit does not threaten or punish. God/consciousness/spirit facilitates and supports.
  • In the old energy, initiations are conducted in controlled settings, behind closed doors. This allows easy misuse and corruption. Therefore, watch out for barriers and exclusions designed to maintain privacy and secrecy. Exclusions and secrecy allow for corruption, justification, excuse, exploitation, and misuse. Exclusions and secrecy support the old energy system of hierarchy and privilege, and therefore should be avoided at all costs. Openness and transparency are the new spiritual/esoteric norms. Always find a way to be inclusive.
  • In the old energy, fear and hatred are exploited in order to corrupt (in the case of the Book of Power) and divert (in the case of the Book of Slavery) the initiation process. Identifying, processing, and releasing fear and hate are thus a key aspect of the initiation process. Sometimes this may be as simple as identifying a fear and releasing it; however, at other times the process will require persistence, courage, will, and real-world transformation. Moving forward, pay close attention to your fears and hatred, both big and small. Identify them, write them down, analyze them, and take action to process and release, or transform and change as required. Be sensible. If there is a hungry lion staring you down, the solution isn’t to breathe deep and release fear, the solution is to run away from the hungry and dangerous beast. However, if the fear is irrational and unfounded, perhaps stoked by paranoid theorists hoping to fill you with fear, process, release and reject it. Remember, there is no punishment, judgment, or damnation; everyone is welcome in the end. Simply learn to live life without harming others.

The Book of Keys

The Book of Keys entry for Initiation is a simple Triumph Mantra. It is designed to remind you, and help you remind yourself, that despite the current chaos and confusion, and despite the apparent retrograde motion, healing and connection (i.e., getting back to the “sun” of your own higher Consciousness) of the planet will inevitably proceed, not over several generations, but in the short term. As the entry suggests, “we are one and we have won.” It’s really just a matter of time now.

Read and repeat the triumph mantra whenever you are feeling down, disempowered, fearful, and depressed. Open yourself to the truth of victory. Feel the power flow.

Group study questions

  1. Think about your current life scenarios. Are there people or situations in your life where fear and threat are issues? Reflect on these situations for a few moments and write your reflections down. How do these situations oppress you? How do they prevent you from speaking the truth? How do they prevent action? How do they prevent your love from flowing? What strategies can you come up with, and what actions can you take, to alter these life spaces so that fear and threat are no longer issues?
  2. Spend a few days focussing on fears and hatred. Be mindful of any fears or hatred that impinge on the fabric of your awareness. Write these down. Pay particular attention to triggers that invoke these fears, like the television, social media contacts, specific content producers (authors, personalities, etc.).
  3. Doctrines and ideologies that spread fear, anger, and hatred (e.g. religions that teach old energy archetypes of punishment and damnation) make initiation a difficult thing. Old energy archetypes corrupt realization and shape actions in ways that invoke fear, anxiety, and hatred, and that undermine your healing and connection activities. Think back and try to identify past initiatory experiences where fear, hatred, and self-diminishment were invoked. I share one in LP Workbook Two. Write one or two of the most powerful of these experiences down. Did you successfully clear fears and hatred, or did you succumb, and were you shutdown? If you experienced a shutdown, don’t worry about it. The climb out of darkness is an iterative, repetitive, trial and error process. You only fail if you stop trying. With that in mind, what can you do to increase your chances of success next time around?