Force (formerly The Emperor)

Halo/Sharpt Tarot Force

Consciousness generates

Healing Meanings

Key Phrase: Consciousness generates.

Symbolism: An androgynous face sits amidst powerful and expansive red energies, symbolizing force improperly balanced: the current dominant reality. The powerful energies of force drive greening creation, but without sufficient formation, creation spins out of control and becomes arid and infertile. A touch of green indicates the initiation of transformation and the promise and potential of a more formative and balanced creation.

Narrative: This card teaches a fundamental truth of creation, which is that nothing happens without the force of will. Passive attraction and “acceptance of what is” accomplishes nothing, or serves another’s agenda. You must energize and empower. You must will yourselves into action. You must take control.

At the highest level, this card represents the mission-driven transformation that comes with full and unrestricted realization. We have emancipated our Self. We have liberated and reformed the mind. Confident in our choice, free of self-doubt, we accept no limitations. Aligned with our highest Self, we draw strength and empower.

At mundane levels, this card represents the purpose driven action that comes with confidence, strength, and power. There are things we need to do, and we are ready, willing, and able to do them.

Present in an assessment upright, this card represents Right Action in the world. Confusion no longer impedes. Ideas are clear. Doubt does not drag us down. We focus our attention and apply our will. We get to work and we make things happen. We do what we have decided to do. We do what needs to be done.

Card reversed and/or negatively aligned, this is inspiration without manifestation—an arid desert. Creation, after all life has been destroyed. Willful impotence, unguided action, and premature failure end our efforts. Violent force of will without counterbalancing formation and compassion destroys us all. Reversed, this is the bully in action. We smash through life without thinking. Violence, aggression, and domination rule our days.

Alignments indicate things that influence our action, or inaction. Positive alignments indicate energies available to uplift and create. Others support our force. Progress is rapid. Willfully we manifest our ideal creation. Negative alignments indicate struggle and immobilization. Damage is severe. Oppression is strong. Chains are thick. Old energy archetypes have penetrated to the core, sowing disorientation and confusion. Deep fears rule our day, preventing Self-filled action. Diminished self-esteem leads to empty conformity. We lack self-confidence and self-esteem. Authority “shows us the way.” We struggle to break free and fail to establish an independent will, but cannot. We march towards assured destruction as we blindly, and impotently, follow the “leaders.”

This is the challenge of overcoming the damage of our toxic childhoods so that we may create and uplift. This is the challenge of taking action to change and make a better world for all. This is the challenge of proper use of force. Know that revolution comes with the turn of a page. Rebirth is around the corner. A little push, a little education, and a little encouragement may be all you need. Remind yourself of who we truly are. You are a joyful and empowered master of physical creation. You are on a mission to evolve and graduate the world. You need no external authority to tell you what, deep inside, you already know. Align with your highest Self. Exert your powerful will. Do what you came here to do and create a utopian world.

Triumph of Spirit New Energy

Triumph of Spirit Force

This card represents creation.

This card reveals causation.

This is what prevents cessation.

This is how we achieve graduation (a.k.a. salvation).

This card represents the force (a.k.a. yang) that drives it all forward.

Know that there is nothing particularly bad or negative about force. In fact, as with formation, force is a necessary energy of creation. Without force, creation does not occur. The equation is simple. Force drives creation while formation shapes it. Put another way, adequate, appropriate, and balanced (with formation) use of force is a necessary feature of healthy creation.

Without the energies of force/yang, or when the energies of force are too weak, creation cannot manifest and move forward.

Without the energies of formation/yin, or when the energies of formation are too weak, chaos, explosion, and decay of creation are the inevitable results.

It is important to understand, creation cannot unfold without force and formation. God/Spirit/Consciousness, or whatever you want to call it, always uses both force and formation adequately, appropriately, and (usually) in balance.

In the new energies, we recognize the significance of force and formation. In the new energies, we understand that the two go together. In the new energies, we use force and formation in an adequate and appropriate balance so that we create a wondrous new Garden of Eden.

Understand, appropriate use of energy is key for creation,

Understand, appropriate use of energy is critical for awakening and activation.

Understand, appropriate use of energy is necessary as you go forth and create the world.

Understand, appropriate use of energy is required to accomplish ascension.

Old Energy

In the old energies, and for reasons explained in more detail in The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order, force is exalted and unfettered by formation. In the old energies, for evolutionary reasons, force, i.e. the drive of yang is elevated while the formative influence of yin is diminished. This is accomplished primarily via presentation and disconnection. As a consequence of disconnection, venal hierarchies of accumulation, privilege, and power are created (a.k.a. The System) and develop.

In the old energies, this card represents the true nature of the System and the Mechanisms of Compliance (i.e. force and ideology) that maintain, support, and advance the System. As regards ideology, this is simply the lies we are told and the excuses that are offered to justify power, authority, and accumulation. We are all familiar with the ideological justification as they are well rehearsed throughout planetary history. The “chosen” and strong, the natural born leaders, the blue-blooded silver seed of nature, naturally rise to the top, sit in the throne, and run the show. Through ideology, the System is presented as a divine or natural aspects of the cosmos.
Disconnection and the consequent period of accumulation that results is a necessary requirement. It gets us past the stagnation that can sometimes occur at the end of Phase One, but it has inevitable consequences. As connection diminishes, out of balance force contributes to the development of unfettered accumulation, and societies inevitably transition to some form of authoritarian governance. Thus, in the old energies, we find the Emperor seated on a throne, symbolic accoutrements of authority, violence, and power arrayed all around. In this picture, the emperor is ready and willing to use force in an authoritarian way, in the interests of individual and social class gain.

Note, just as formation becomes associated with the female/mother archetypes, so does force become associated with male/father archetypes. As one might expect, this is not a warm and loving father who nurtures children and protects the weak. In the old energies, this is an abusive coward who hides behind domestic, economic, and military power to dominate, colonize, and exploit. In the old energies, this one embraces the superiority of the male force just as he violently suppresses the yin.

Old Energy Dismissal

As a planet completes its evolutionary ascent, with increasing rapidity we put aside the disconnected, arrogant, and callous stupidity of the Emperor. Instead, we embrace the power and glory of our Highest Self as we reconnect with our glorious individual and collective divinity.

In the new energies, we do not accept and obey the authority of the Emperor/Empress nor do we succumb to the manipulation of the Hierophant. Instead, we reject old energy hierarchies, reject the abuse of authority, reject ideology, reject privilege, and embrace the collective work of uplifting and graduating the world.

Notably, in the new energies we do not deny the utility of formation nor do we reject the necessity of force. In the new energies we understand, force and formation are required for creation. In the new energies, we embrace force and formation in appropriate balance, using them both to serve the interests of all life, not just a “chosen few” at the top.

Once we understand we need force and formation, we overcome low self-esteem and the negative self-talk that prevents us from accepting force and forming a suitable creation. In the new energies, we joyfully join together and, with full use of our power, masterfully graduate the world and collectively create a new Garden of Eden. Standing together as one, we have the power and the will to create the world that you want.

Remember this: all around you is the force/chi/prana of creation. This energy is for you to use. To use it, remember, force/chi/prana is driven by formation/intent. When you are ready, embrace the power of your will and direct energy to graduate the world.
Make a decision, make a choice, visualize, and intend. Visualize an end to greed, hatred, war, poverty, and suffering. Visualize healing for everyone. Visualize safety and prosperity for all Gaia’s children. Visualize Light rapidly spread across the planet.

A word of warning here. The powerful force of yang/chi/prana can be difficult to work with. Be mindful. Be attentive. Prepare yourself. Remember…

As above in consciousness,
So below in matter.

Old energy archetypal patterns that remain within your mind as you embrace the power of force may explode and cause damage to the world that surrounds you. Therefore, it is important that you excise old energy archetypes from your bodily mind.

In other words, to prevent chaos and debacle, establish right thought. To prevent chaos and debacle, sanitize your mental spaces by transforming old energy archetypes into new.
Clear your emotional spaces by transform bitterness and negativity into healing acceptance.

Resolve anger.

Free yourself from fear.

Embrace peace, love, and understanding so that we might manifest global Shambhala.

Book of Slavery

This card represents the father.
This card is a man and no other.
This is the king on his throne.
This is the rule in the home.

Once again, child, you must know.
The chosen and strong run the show.
The weak are ruled over, it’s fate
It is nature, genetics, your rate.

It’s not personal that you’re not free.
It’s the way of His divinity.
It’s His judgment for those who have strayed.
It’s your fate. Now please get out and pray.

Take your place somewhere there in that line.
Do your work, pay your debt, worship shrine.
Part of nature my child, don’t you see.
So bend over, get you down on your knees.

Book of Power

This card represents the father.
This card is a man and no other.
This is the king on his throne.
This is the rule in the home.

But I see, sir, that you finally know.
The chosen and strong run the show.
The weak are ruled over, it’s fate
It is nature, genetics, their rate.

It’s not personal Chela you see.
It’s the way of His Divinity.
It’s the judgment of heaven today.
It’s the way game has always been played.

So come and kneel down, now you know.
That the weak are the pawns in the show.
Face that altar, relax, now agree.
And please kindly repeat after me.

Book of Keys

Dear one, it is time, know your place.
You are one with God’s glorious grace.
You are the light that shineth from above.
You are the peace that descends with the dove.

See that flame that burns deep inside you?
That God’s love, but I know that you knew.
See you’re simply as worthy as them.
So stand up for that world’s at an end.

And a new world, it’s called Shambhala
Awaits your recognition’s first awe.
And my child, all that you need to do?
Take deep breaths. Take your power.

It’s true!

Advanced Commentary

Force (formerly Emperor)

In the new energy, this is an activation archetype. In the new energy, this card, along with the formation archetype, teaches of the conscious, proper, and balanced use of creation’s energies.

In the old energy, this is an authority archetype. In the old energy, the figure represents the militarized, dominating, overbearing, formation-less, patriarchal culmination of the exaltation of force/yang and the suppression of formative yin.

Old Energy

As noted in the old energy commentary on formation, out of balance use of energy is a requirement of evolutionary advance.  The out of balance use of force is necessary during the expansionary middle stage of planetary evolution.[1] The suppression of formation and the exaltation of force allows a species to pass through obstacles that would otherwise prevent the evolution and development of its economic, technological, social, and administrative capability.

At this point, you should that extra adding force is important.[2] It is what makes possible a planet’s evolutionary push. With extra yang, species emerges out of Pastoral Comfort and begin developing their economic, political, and social institutions, and, quite importantly, their technological capacity. It is the evolution of the species capacities that eventually leads and allows for graduation and integration into higher-level systems.

Unfortunately, as useful as extra force might be, turning up force and diminishing formation comes with necessary risks. The risks are necessary in the sense that if you don’t turn of force, and evolving species doesn’t break through the stagnation that arises when a species achieves a certain degree of Pastoral Comfort. When formation is diminished and force is exalted, force becomes dominant, aggressive, and unyielding, and levels of violence and toxicity rise. As a result, body’s get hurt. Over time, damage accumulates,[3] connection suffers, and a spiritual, psychological, and emotional malaise descends on the species. As connection declines and damage accumulates, a species becomes increasingly violent and ill. As a consequence of mental and emotional illness, force, no longer fettered by formation or the mitigating influence of aligned connection, debases and deforms even further. Ultimately this leads to conquest, colonization, domination, violence, exploitation, and all manner of social, political, and economic toxicity, all of which further exacerbate damage, deterioration, and disconnection. If left unchecked, a downward emotional/psychological/spiritual spiral of individual and species dysfunction, coupled with rapidly advancing technological, economic, and productive prowess, leads to what we might call debacle. If nothing is done, the nascent world system collapses, throwing the species backwards a generation or more. How far back a species is thrown depends on how bad the ecological, psychological, economic, or political collapse.

To summarize, out of balance force is necessary to push a species forward past stagnation. However, the out of balance force, while temporarily necessary, inevitably leads to problems which, if left unchecked, ultimately lead to the inevitable collapse of the System.

The risk is great, but the potential reward (i.e., a fully developed and connected species) is deemed worth the risk. And besides, a species does not evolve and graduate in isolation. Appropriate assistance is provided along the way. During the final phase, this assistance

Most importantly, as soon as a species gets near its graduation pinnacle, i.e., as soon as its technological, economic, and institutional superstructure is capable of world level governance and organization, work begins to awaken, activate, and reconnect the species.

As for the poetry entries, the Book of Slavery explicitly represents the patriarchy, exclusivity, greed, and enslavement that eventually and inevitably results from out of balance yang, and the excuses, and arrogant dismissals that are used to justify. In the old energy, father/man/king on a throne announces the yang authority. Divine and Darwinian justifications are presented, and meek acceptance of the status quote is expected. It is God’s will. It is nature’s way. It is your lot in life. It is your karma. Take your place. Do your work. Shut up. Don’t complain. Submit.

The Book of Power entry exposes the same representation and excuses that the Book of Slavery does. Just like the Book of Slavery, submission is required. The difference is that in Book of Power you are completely aware of “the game” that is being played, and submission comes with insertion into systems of hierarchy and privilege. As a special and privileged “chosen one,” you are “not like everyone else,” but you still must submit. Bow to the king on his throne.

Getting into the New Energy

As noted in the formation card, new energy is about balance. That narrative is appropriate here as well. That is, we learn about balanced energy from consideration of the force archetype as well. In the context of the force card, however, it is also important to realize that in the new energy, force is nothing to be vilified. There is nothing intrinsically evil about force and nothing wrong with using force, even in great quantities, to create or transform the world, so long as you use force in balance to heal, awaken, activate, and uplift/ascend, and not to dominate and suppress others. Indeed, the application of force to change, uplift, transform, and create is the heart of the new energy force card. Understand, new energy use of force is balanced by formation. New energy force is inclusive, egalitarian, uplifting, protective, nurturing, and divine.


  • It is important to realize the importance of force, and important to learn to accept it, as an energy. You cannot change your world, you cannot change the world, while rejecting the use of force. Therefore watch out for ideas and ideology that discourage your creative use of force. What out for ideas that emphasize submission to the will of another, or obeisance before someone’s thrown. Remember, you are a joyful master of creation and you have the same right to force and power as everyone else in creation.
  • Watch out for notions that power and force should be applied in the interest of hierarchy, domination, exclusion, and personal enrichment. This causes a downward spiralling toxic path that leads you and the planet towards disease, disconnection, and death. Life isn’t about how much money you can make or how many toys you can accumulate. Life is about creating and enjoying with connection, and helping others to do the same. Living your life in connection, and using force and formation and balance to connect and graduate the world, is the only thing that will end your misery and make you happy. Work to embrace your true purpose and use force to manifest that true purpose.
  • Revisit the formation card and its guidance vis a vis balance. Moving forward, force and formation in balance used to heal, awaken, activate, and ascend is key.

Book of Keys

Look carefully at the old energy Emperor card. The old energy Emperor card depicts the deteriorated human male that inevitably arises when force is chronically and inter-generationally used out of balance. A considerable amount of damage is done to the human species, and it can take a long time and considerable effort to sort it all out and heal. You will find, however, that the more Selfrealized and connected you are, the stronger you will become. The stronger you become, the easier it will be. For the fully Self-realized, even miracles are possible. With this in mind, the Book of Keys encourages you to accept the full truth. Overtly rejecting the notion that we should know and accept our subservient place, the Book of Keys entry demolishes all notions that depict us as anything less than who we truly are,[4] and calls us to immediately step into our power. Accept divinity. Accept source. Accept joyful power. Embrace mastery. Go forth and use force to transform the world and create a divine and aligned Shambhala.

Individual and group work

  1. Both force and formation are about rebalancing yin and yang energies. This rebalance requires identification of gender-based stereotypes in consciousness and rejection of these stereotypes. Examine your old energy ideas of gender. On a notepad write the headings MALE and FEMALE and underneath these write out the stereotyped characteristics of gender you were trained to accept as reality. When you have written these out, take a moment to recognize that these are all just personality characteristics which you can choose from to construct the manifested you. You can adopt a characteristic or not, depending simply on what parts of the vast cosmic You, you choose to be, and so can others. Do not judge based on personality characteristics. Dismiss stereotypes, especially those that diminish, belittle, and disempower others. Understand and accept the rainbow spectrum of energy.
  2. If you are a patriarch/matriarch in a home, a corporation, or a military hierarchy, take a few moments and examine the justifications you use to normalize your power over others and excuse your toxic behaviours. Why is it OK for you to give orders without reference to the needs or desires of those below? Whose agenda do you serve with your submission, loyalty, and deference? What sacrifices have you made so that you can play a role in the toxic show?
  3. It is OK to use force to create your life, so long as you do it with balance and consideration for all life forms, not just your own. Harm nothing (ahimsa) and uplift everything is the ideal you should live and strive for. With this in mind, examine areas in your life where more force is needed in or to create and transform. When you have identified these areas, apply appropriate force. It always helps to visualize, so imagine your hands uplifted and directing force (think master and force archetypes). Don’t leave it at visualization though. Always follow your visions with the physical actions required to manifest.


[1] See

[2] For a look at some of the ideology and archetypes behind the exaltation of force, see Mike Sosteric, From Zoroaster to Star Wars, Jesus to Marx: The Science and Technology of Mass Human Behaviour, 2017, Available:

[3] Mike Sosteric, “Toxic Socialization,” Socjourn  (2016).

[4] Which is, as discussed in The Book of Light: The Nature of God, the Structure of Consciousness, and the Universe Within You, an emanation of the Divine Logos.