Emancipation (formerly The Devil)

Triumph of Spirit Emancipation Tarot Card

Free at last

Healing Meanings

Key Phrase: Free at last.

Symbolism: The planet Saturn, with its ridged outer rings, represents boundaries and limitation. Archetypal chains bind the mind and the body. Our energies have been restricted, but our bondage is coming to end. Three individuals grasp the chains that bind and pull, thus breaking the chains. By our own effort, and with the assistance of others, we emancipate and break free.

Narrative: This is the individual and collective realization of a common ancient prophecy. This archetype represents freedom and emancipation, also known as Armageddon, apocalypse, and the end of our collective enslavement. All previous battles have been lost, but the war is finally won.

At the highest levels, this is the emancipation of the physical unit (the body and the mind) from the archetypal chains that bind. We answer the call and initiate. We overcome fear and self-loathing. We establish right thought. We draw strength and align. With clarity and purpose, we exert our will. We reconsider our place and break free from The System.

At mundane levels, this is freedom from the ideas and emotions that bind us. We change our thinking; we dissolve our blockages. When we are ready, we break our chains.

Present in an assessment upright, this card represents freedom, emancipation, and transformation. We have cleared blockages and established right thought. We have manifested right environment. Now we engage in right action. Confident in our abilities, trusting of our Self, we break through nefarious chains that bind. Formerly chained and immobilized, we stand up and begin to transform not only our self but eventually the entire physical World. Slow at first, we pick up speed. We have been our own worst enemy for too long, but now that we see clearly, we easily break free and fly.

Card reversed and/or negatively aligned, this card represents bondage, both internal and external. Negative ideas about self and potential weigh us down and keep us in our place. Prejudice, hatred, and self-loathing bubble up from within. Negative emotions lower our confidence and block our way forward. Our families abuse us and suppress us rather than love us and support us. Social pressures from people impregnated with wrong thought force us to sacrifice Self and conform. Emotional, psychological, and spiritual manipulation enslave. We struggle to break free but submit in the end.

Alignments indicate internal and external supports and/or resistance that encourage emancipation and thought freedom or that force compliance and conformity. Positive alignments indicate internal and strengths and external supports that encourage emancipation, giving us the power to break free. This is emancipation from a toxic family, from an oppressive work environment, from political and economic servitude, from spiritual bondage, etc. Negative alignments indicate internal obstacles and external oppression. The world conspires against us. Agents, threatened by our freedom, work to enslave. Fear and anxiety overwhelm. We submit and are bound.

The battle might be lost but the “war” you will win. It is merely a matter of timing. Do not be discouraged. Do not feel depressed. Do not stop fighting. Do not give up the ghost. Remember, life is not a test, and neither is this. This is not about how “worthy” you are, how “smart” you are, how “strong” you are, or how blue your blood really is. This is about awakening, activation, and ascension and nothing more. Stand up and break your chains so you can wake up, activate, and be free.

Triumph of Spirit New Energy

This card is an activation card. This card represents the mental, emotional, archetypal, and spiritual emancipation that comes as we individually and collectively halt the violence and oppression against us, and establish right environment, right action, and right thought. Emancipation represents a new beginning and a clear break with the System that has kept us in chains.

Individually and collectively, this card represents the removal of old energy chains, emancipation from old energy archetypes, freedom from old energy delusions and self-delusions, refusal of old energy limitation, the rejection of old energy self, and the ejection of old energy ideology.

This card represents Consciousness/Spirit/God, progressively, and inevitably, breaking through

Note that emancipation is not necessarily a difficult process. As conditions for connection improve as a consequence of our individual and collective progress forward, Consciousness begins to easily and inevitably break through the increasingly weak System chains that bind.

It is important to understand, emancipation is a process we all necessarily participate in. High or low, we respond to the call, emancipate, connect and empower. Connected and empowered, we embrace our lightworker role and help others to do the same.

Leading the way for each other, we advanced, by degrees, towards individual and planetary victory and graduation.

Old Energy

In the old energy book, the archetypal energies of emancipation are turned completely on end, as you can see in the Freemason’s Devil card. In the Devil card, the freedom of emancipation becomes enslavement and chains. Despite what anybody says, the old energy message is crystal clear. Male or female, you are bound by chains. A warden oversees your bondage and prevents your escape.

Clearly, in the old energy, you are considered primitive chattel. This should be no surprise. Enslavement of humanity has always been an open secret. Most people don’t pay much attention, but on occasion, we realize the awful truth.  If one day you should realize your slavery, excuses come readily to hand. You chose it. You deserve it. You are being punished. It is God’s will. It is your lesson plan.

Of course, the reason given for your slavery is different, depending on which book you read from.  If you read the Book of Slavery, you are told that your slavery is the result of inner weakness, sin, divine disgrace, or some past foolish failure. As Ouspensky says of the devilish imagery, “This is a picture of weakness…a picture of falsehood and evil. They are the same man and woman you saw in the garden,” but they have failed in some awful way. They have given into temptation. They have succumbed to horrid sin. “Their love ceasing to be a sacrifice, [becomes] an illusion.”

In the Book of Power, the message is the same, only slightly different. This Earth is seen as a schoolhouse and incarnation is equated with education, redemption, freedom, or evolution. Your enslavement is surely no secret, but you are special and chosen. You are chosen to break free because you are different. The masses are unevolved, unwashed, dangerous, defiled, debased, descended, degraded, and degenerated. Give them power, and they would destroy this Earth. Brothers understand, the chains that bind all humans are necessary, chosen, and divine.

Whether we speak of slavery or power, the message of the devil archetype is clearly ancient. Ejected from the garden, you are bound by a karmic wheel. Too stupid to follow the rules, you are driven by a pedagogical plan. For weakness and sins, you have committed, you are banished and punished on Earth. The Devil oversees the sentence and curriculum.  A chosen few will enlighten and break free, but the rest remain enslaved and in school. 

Old Energy Dismissal

Of course, in the new energies, we put this old energy nonsense behind us. Understand, The Great Work does not now and has never, ever, ever required mass human suffering and enslavement. Humans are not now, nor have they ever been, savage beasts in need of control. The situation now is a thing that sometimes happens, a risk of progression through Stage Two. We do the best we can, but it simply happens that sometimes, things get out of hand.

But not this time.

This time it is time to awaken.

This time it is time to realize.

This time it is time to emancipate.

Remember, you are no Fool in School and your purpose is not redemption or soul evolution. Neither are you here to serve. Remember, you are joyful master, a lightworker whose purpose is to work on a world and bring it forward to glorious, victorious graduation. If somebody tells you anything else they are lying. It is as simple as that.

Book of Slavery


You cannot move forward.
You cannot be glad.
Don’t you know who you are?
Don’t you know that you’re mad?

It all stems from that time.
From some foul karmic crime.
Some forgotten old sin.
From foul weakness within.

What? My gosh. Oh my God.
Quickly, call in the squad.
Let us beat this one down.
Turn that smile to a frown.

Remind him what it’s for.
Show him straight to the door.
His mind can never grasp.
Cannot learn secret clasp.

Barely more than a slag.
Not worth more than a rag.
Not like this here fine stag.
Now he’s got right to brag.

Book of Power


You can now move forward.
You can now be glad.
’Cause you know who you are.
’Cause you know you’re not mad.

It all stems from some time.
From some foul karmic crime.
But you remembered your sin.
Admit foulness within.

Now as your mind surely grasps.
Here’s our deep secret clasp.
Now just follow my son.
For your work’s just begun.

We can teach you by gosh,
We can remove that cross.
We can show you the way.
And we give better pay.

Just put “John Henry” here
And we’ll re-seal the deal.
Accept this much bigger bone,
And this much larger home.

Book of Keys

Dear one,

This side or that,
It was part of the vat.
It was energy swirl.
It was duality’s whirl.

It was suppression of pop
’Til we reached for the top.
So take Michael’s word here.
Time you threw off your fear.

Time you took power back.
Time you stepped off the rack.
Time for ascension is now.
Time for big “pow, pow, pow”.

Time for heavenly praise.
Time to welcome sun’s rays.
Time you plugged into tap.
It’s as easy as snap.

Plumb the depth of this rhyme.
And breathe deeply three times.
Look inside, deep down there.
You’ve got power to spare.

So just take off those chains.
Weakness is not your game.
You’ve got power of sun.
With a wave, chains undone.

And now breathe a few times.
Listen to end time chime.
You’ve got power to share.
Break the chains and declare.

I am one with the sun.
The old world is now done.
And a new world that will care.
Comes with trumpets and flares.

So now take power back.
Swat away bug attack.
Wave your powerful hand.
Hit ascension grand slam.

For you’re one with the sun.
The old world is now done.
The new world I declare.
Shambhala this I swear.

Halo/Sharp Emancipation Tarot Card

Advanced Commentary

Emancipation (formerly The Devil)

In the new energy, this is an activation archetype. In the new energy, this archetype demonstrates the emancipation of mind and body on its way towards reconnection to Consciousness.

In the old energy, this is a fool in school archetype. In the old energy, this archetype represents the harsh realities of an old energy planet, which are bondage and slavery to the System.

Old Energy

The message of the old energy archetype, the devil card, is clear and requires very little elaboration. In the old energy, Adam and Eve, man and women, are enslaved. In the old energy men and women are bound and chained to a cold block of stone which represents the material world and the System that keeps us all bound. In the old energy, there is even a warden in place. In the old energy, the enslaved humans are guarded by the Devil, a figure symbolic of The System, its agents, and the harsh strategies used to ensure ongoing enslavement and control.

Notice in the old energy Devil card the inverted pentagram. An upright pentagram generally indicates something positive, like an empowered and connected human. An inverted pentagram is generally taken to mean the inverse, indicating disempowerment and disconnection. The inverted pentagram reinforces the general message of the card which is that humans are confined, controlled, diminished, subservient, and enslaved.

In the real world, confinement and control occur at two levels. At one level this card represents actual confinement and control, i.e. deposition into a real jail or prison space with real physical walls and real locks and keys.

At another level. this card represents psychological, emotional, spiritual confinement, a confinement that occurs as a consequence of ideological/archetypal indoctrination, and that is characterized by confusion, error, cognitive dissonance, emotional discord, suppressed chakra energies, and blindfolded existence.

Notice that the old energy archetype really doesn’t hide the harsh reality of enslavement. It is presented overtly and without shame. This is as intended. Overt presentation of human servitude gives the designers of the old energy archetype system the opportunity to provide excuses for this servitude. When an individual or aspirant realizes the nature of reality, excuses come quickly to hand.

In the old energy, there are two basic excuses for confinement.

Excuse number one, you are confined and enslaved because you are being punished because you have done something wrong. This earth is a “prison planet” and you are an inmate, incarnated here for punishment, and correction, and to pay off your karmic debt.

Excuse number two, you are confined and enslaved because you have chosen to be so. In this version, enslavement is part of your cosmic, karmic “lesson plan.” You are a fool in school, and you are here to learn lessons. You have chosen to live life this way, with all the suffering and pain that attends, because negative experiences provide valuable lessons with “temper” and perfect your soul.

The point of these excuses and they are definitely excuses, is simply to get you to accept the status quo (inequality, racism, sexism, exploitation, and deception) however bad that might happen to be for you and your family. Sure, God’s punishment might be severe, and of course your “life lessons” can be painful and harsh, but that’s the way it should be because that is what is required, or that is what you chose. Pain, suffering, violence, disease, ignorance, stupidity, and painful, unnecessary, death are all part of the cosmic plan, so quit complaining and passively accept what is.

The Book of Slavery entry for this card reinforces the basic imagery of the Devil archetype, reminding you, as priests, parents, and others Agents of Consciousness often do, of the unworthiness, dirty sins, and foul karmic crimes that underlie your suffering and pain. No matter how bad things might be, there is no point in wishing/demanding more because you always get what you deserve.

The Book of Power entry for this archetype sends the same basic message, but with the caveat that as a very special chosen one, you have the opportunity to rise above the sheeple crowds. You are genetically superior. You are stronger and more capable. You are graced by the Lord God above. Consequently, you deserve more. You deserve more power, more privilege, and more money. Ignore the sheeple outside; their health and wellbeing is not your concern. Universal cosmic justice ensures they always get what they deserve. Face the altar. Bend the knee. Pledge fealty. Engage in some distasteful acts. Accept the truth of your superiority and power, wealth, and privilege shall be yours.

Getting into the new energy

Of course, in the new energy, we do away with all servitude and suffering. In the new energy, we understand that stories about karma, justice, and cosmic lessons plans are merely excuses for enslavement and exploitation, and we reject them out of hand. Therefore, in the new energy archetypal image we see multiple hands grasp and shatter the chains of enslavement.[1] Thus, the new energy emancipation archetype represents full emancipation of the mind, body, and soul. Note that this is an emancipation that occurs at an individual and at a collective level.

Details concerning the emancipation are absent in the archetype, primarily because each person’s emancipation is idiosyncratic. Nevertheless, the new energy of freedom and transformation is present and potent, and the general archetypal message is clear; this is the removal chains that bind and disconnect your consciousness.

In the new energy, you are no longer enslaved at the foot of the System. In the new energy, you no longer submit before the altar of Mammon. In the new energy, you break the archetypal chains of emotional, psychological, spiritual, and even physical bondage and become free.


  • In the old energy, this archetype is all about self-blame. The point is to get you to blame yourself for any poverty, inequality and despair you might experience during your life. If you blame yourself, you won’t blame the System or the people who operate it. To move forward, stop blaming yourself. To be sure, you have to be accountable for your actions, you must atone and make things right, and it is important to contribute your fair share, but you shouldn’t blame yourself for your poverty, inequality, and despair because these are structural outcomes of a rigged economic system.[2] Therefore, watch out for self-blame, and reject it when it appears. Remember, as a spark of creator Consciousness, as an incarnation of divine light and love, you deserve nothing but love, prosperity, kindness, and peace.
  • This old energy archetype is not just about getting you to blame yourself, it is about getting you to blame others as well. As part of the toxic socialization process, you have absorbed the ideology and excuses used to justify exploitation and abuse. If somebody is poor or injured, it is because they are losers and weak, not because of economic, political, or other factors. As a consequence of this tendency to blame others, we participate, to one degree or another, in the exploitation others,[3] we all justify that exploitation, and we all function as Agents of Consciousness, reinforcing enslavement and servitude by uncritically aping as judgments the devil’s excuses and justifications. Therefore, be careful how you judge others. Do not dismiss their suffering and struggle as a personal failure, divine will, or cosmic judgment. Understand, the System oppresses, suppresses, abuses, and exploits everybody. It is toxic socialization, brutal exploitation, a rigged economic system, constant manipulation, and incessant attack, not personal weakness and failure, that leads to dysfunction, disease, and death. Reverse the script. Instead of undermining others, support them.

The Book of Keys

The Book of Keys entry for emancipation is a motivational poem. The entry reminds you of the powerful source of Consciousness that lies dormant and suppressed deep down inside. The entry also reminds you that the suppression was planned. Suppression of Self, and imbalanced use of energy, were necessary in order to overcome the Pastoral Comfort that impedes species evolution. Imbalanced energy, the suppression of yin and the exaltation of yang, allows a species, in this case humanity, to enter into stage two[4] of the evolutionary process. The Book of Keys entry also reminds you that now that stage two is compete, energy can be rebalanced, exploitative systems can dismantled, chains can be removed, and the planet’s Creation Template can be revised.

Group study questions

  1. Consider all the ways you blame yourself for the things that happen in your life. Now, consider that not all things that happen in your life are your fault. Many things that happen in your life (good and bad) are the result of the actions of others, at a personal, workplace, political, economic, and even global level. Spend a few moments considering how your life has been shaped by the actions of others, good or bad. Share your thoughts with the group. Are there things you can do to mitigate the negative impact others may have? Share.
  2. As noted, the old energy devil archetype encourages you to blame others, this way you don’t blame the System. They are enslaved, repressed, oppressed because they deserve it, because they chose it, or because they did something wrong. Examine your own life and the acquaintances, workmates, friends, and family in that space. Are there things you dump on them, things you blame them for, like poverty, addictions, illness, personality disorders, etc., that are maybe caused by others (things, like the System, advertising, corporate malfeasance, toxic socialization, etc.) and that therefore you shouldn’t? Share your thoughts with the group.
  3. System justification moves both ways. That is, it’s not just the masses who are oppressed and suppressed. Do you consider yourself a member of the elites? Have you ever had to kneel down and submit before the altar of another? What did you say to yourself to excuse the submission? What justifications do you use that allow you to equate strength with submission and servitude? Does power over others really erase the reality of your own submission and bondage?


[1] As a note for future iterations of this card, there should be some diversity in the hands breaking the chains.

[2] See Sosteric M. (2016a) Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Money and the Economy: Accumulation and Debt., St Albert, Alberta: Lightning Path Press.

[3] Smartphones, electronics, clothing, and many products are made cheap by exploiting others, sometimes even children.

[4] For an overview of LP evolutionary theory, see https://spiritwiki.lightningpath.org/Evolutionary_Theory