Alignment (formerly “Justice”)

Alignment Archetype Triumph of Spirit Archetype System


Healing Meanings

Key Phrase: Truth, responsibility, atonement.

Symbolism: An abstract representation of alignment. A sword, balanced on either side by force and formation (yang and yin). A key offered to you by Jupiter, the planet of alignment. Not the sword of judgment, but the sword of alignment. The key to the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of high Consciousness, which is Truth, responsibility, love, and atonement.

Narrative: This card teaches us the key to forward movement, activation, and graduation, which is alignment with our highest Self. Always remember, the physical unit is merely a vehicle for the Divine Sun of your Self. To move forward, align the thoughts and actions of your physical unit with your perfect, highest Self.

At the highest level, this is perfect alignment with Self, perfect alignment with the Consciousness of God, or the active pursuit thereof. Listen carefully. Alignment is not an onerous chore. Alignment does not bring pain, suffering, darkness, and disconnection. Alignment brings power, peace, joy, and the highest possible connection.

At mundane levels, this is healing and repair of the physical body. We put aside hypocrisy and self-delusion. We align our actions with our own best intentions. We breathe deep and joyfully atone for past “sin.” Focused on the manifestation of the promise, we fix that which is broken in this world and ourselves.

Present in an assessment upright, this represents the urge and drive to align, to move forward, clear up the issues, line up the pieces, and make the necessary changes (change jobs, direction, friends, etc.). You know who you are, you know why you are here, and you know what you need to do. Take action and align.

Card reversed and/or negatively aligned, this is fear, resistance, and failure to take responsibility. Powerful new energies flow, but you remain trapped in dysfunction. You resist accountability. You deny your actions and pretend you are without sin. You embrace the great delusion. You fail to take action and align. You feel a painful burn rising inside.

Alignments indicate supports that help us face the truth and align behaviors, or resistances that encourage misalignment and disjuncture. Positive alignments indicate accountability, responsibility, and gathering support. We do not deny our sins, hide our mistakes, or make up excuses. We take responsibility, embrace error, fix what is broken, and return ourselves to alignment. Negative alignments indicate internal and external resistance to alignment. Enablers spin their toxic webs around us. Those who benefit from our servitude subvert and oppress. Judgment and shame keep us down. Emotional and psychological pressure to align and move forward builds.

For the truly woke, judgment and condemnation are passé. It is not about commandments, rules, or following orders. It is not about morality or divine assessment. It is not about enduring punishment. It is about aligning with highest Self, fully manifesting Divine vision, and being who you came here to be. To get from there to here, simply take responsibility. Put aside self-delusion, fix what you have broken, align with your highest Self, and take your place among the empowered family of spirit.

Triumph of Spirit New Energy

In the new energies, this card represents the critically important idea of alignment.This card represents the necessity of aligning your vehicle, your physical unit, with the intent and desire of your highest Self, or monadic Consciousness.

You must understand, your body is merely a vehicle for Consciousness. Consciousness enters the vehicle in a measure equal to the vehicle’s alignment with Consciousness. When the vehicle is fully aligned, Consciousness may enter in full power and glory. When the vehicle is not aligned, and for reasons explained elsewhere,[1] consciousness is restricted from flowing.

Understand, alignment is always a choice. You may eschew alignment and choose to live a life according to the whims, passions, and pathologies of your disconnected bodily ego, if you want You (and by “you” I mean your Bodily Ego) are not forced to align with Highest Self. No God stands in judgment and no cosmic justice system stands by to punish you for your choice. There is no karmic retribution and no eternal damnation for living and acting in misaligned darkness. Life goes on, and your body survives (after a fashion), even when empty of Consciousness

Of course, while it is true that you may eschew alignment and deny your higher Consciousness, there are natural consequences for your actions. Eat improperly and your body will degrade and die. Soak yourself in stress and your body and mind will age and debilitate. Disregard your higher Self, live a life of darkness, fail to align with Consciousness, and disjuncture, guilt, shame, and lowered consciousness will ensue.

Understand, the suffering and disconnection that ensues when you live an unaligned life is neither judgment nor condemnation. It is neither karma nor justice. God has no hand in the difficulties you face. It is simply a question of spiritual responsibility and choice.  It is a simple technical relationship.  If you do not eat well and exercise, your body debilitates and dies. If you do not align and connect, your body debilitates and dies.

As you can see, it is better for your mind and body if you eat healthily and exercise. It is also better for your mind and body if you align so that Consciousness may flow and your bodily ego may connect. Therefore, choose Consciousness, choose alignment, choose the Light of your own higher Self, choose health, and choose life, or do not. Then, live with the consequences of your choice.


[2] The first three Lightning Path Workbooks provide the conceptual foundation for understanding the whys and wherefores of alignment. See to access free pdf versions.

Old Energy

In the old energy, this archetype is part of the “judge and punish,” authority,” and fool in school” archetypal constellations, because this archetype speaks to all of these constellations. In the old energy, this card represents the idea that there is a divine/universal/cosmic justice and that in the end, high or low, you get what you deserve.

In the Book of Slavery, for the masses, this archetype, this idea, imputes that a universal principle of justice is always in operation, always impartial, and always fair. You are on the bottom and underneath the Wheel, because that is where you deserve to be.

Cause and effect. Law and order. Karma and retribution. God’s divine scales are always in operation, there is a natural order in the universe, and you always get the things that you deserve. If bad things happen in your life it is because you have done something bad and you deserve it. If good things happen, it is because you deserve it. It is not because you were lucky, or because you bullied your way towards wealth, you must have done something to deserve it.

No sense in complaining about it, that is just the way it is. Accept your karmic due. Bad things, and good things, happen for a reason. Divine/cosmic justice is swift and fair.


In the Book of Power, this archetype also teaches about cosmic justice, though in this case, it has a “slightly” different meaning. In the Book of Power, this is the idea that you have some special “thing” inside that makes you different and special. In the Book of Power, this is the notion that you are one of the talented, chosen, few. You get to enter because you are special for some reason. You have paid your dues. You “got what it takes.” You have that “killer instinct.” Therefore, it is only right and proper that you become elevated above the rest. Because you are special,  you get the keys to the club. The rest are forced to stay outside.

As P.D. Ouspensky (1913) says, “When I possessed the keys, read the book and understood the symbols, I was permitted to lift the curtain of the Temple and enter its inner sanctum.” As A.E. Waite says, “It is analogous to the possession of the fairy gifts and the high gifts and the gracious gifts of the poet: we have them or have not…” If we have them, we may enter the temple. If we have not, we, by force, must stay outside.

Old Energy Dismissal

In the new energies, we put aside erroneous old energy archetypes of justice and karma and see these for what they are, attempts to control and excuses for bad behaviour.

The truth is, “the universe” does not keep an ongoing account of our actions, good or bad. The truth is, universal justice doesn’t ensure we get what we deserve. The truth is, God does not punish us for sin, play favourites, or reward the “worthy.” The truth is, our actions and the actions of others around us determine the life that we live, period. If a CEO dumps toxic waste in your drinking water, it is their actions, not God’s, that are the cause of your cancerous fate. If you take a kind action that uplifts and empowers another, it is your actions, not God’s, that are the cause of the positive outcome.

Make no mistake about it: God’s will manifests on earth via your aligned actions. There is no cosmic or karmic excuse for harming another life and no divine excuse for judgment and punishment. No matter what you think you have done, you do not deserve poverty or karmic woe. No matter what sins you feel you have committed, no matter what offence may be charged, you do not deserve incarceration, violence, and death. On the contrary, no matter who you are or what you have done, you deserve prosperity, abundance, happiness, and health simply for being who you are, which is a joyful spark of divine Consciousness.

Don’t accept old energy notions of justice, judgment or punishment for transgression, but neither act out of alignment with your Highest Self. Connect with your deepest, Highest Self and express the bliss, love, and light of that self. Harm no one. Uplift everyone.

And if you did do something out of alignment, if somebody causes you guilt and shame, simply change your behaviours and atone.

If you have stolen, give back without gain.

If you have murdered, give life to many others.

If you have enslaved, lead the people unto freedom.

Align, atone, and move on.


Align, atone, and move on.

Book of Slavery

Child, you have now passed our judgment.
We now know what’s within you to bring.
And we see all the things that you’re fit for.
We see everything, child. All your sins.

Just accept lot in life. It is your fate.
Divine will and His justice sublime.
Work on wheel and in time you’ll pay your debt.
Enter heaven at the end of the line.

Just bend down. Just bend over. Get with it.
And once more buckle nose to the ground.
Perhaps one day you’ll shout, I am free, let me out.
Until then, debt is your life sublime.

Book of Power

Chela, you have now passed our judgment.
We now know what’s within you to bring.
And we see all the things that you’re fit for.
We see everything, Chela. And sins.

But we see that you’ve talent deep inside.
We see here that you’re special. Oh my.
Look see how this one stands, doesn’t cower.
He’s a brave one, oh yes. Dear. Oh my.

Well we see that you bring a small skill set.
A small light. Tiny talent inside.
So we think that we might, yes just maybe
Have a job for you. Here, step inside.

If you promise to work for The Big Guy.
If you promise against us not to sin.
If you promise you’ll take this one small test.
Then welcome Chela and do come straight in.

But let me tell you this one thing important.
Something that you must never forget.
If you betray this our mass, better run very fast.
For judgment is followed swiftly by wrath.

Book of Keys

Dear One,
As you get to this point and you realize,
That a judgment is given to shame.
That a judgment is given to threaten.
That a judgment is God’s name in vain.

Please just stop now and listen to Michael.
As he tells you “no one ever sinned”.
’Twas a part of ascension’s third triumph.
’Twas a part that we played so we’d win.

Now as the light shineth brightly from your eyes.
And as understanding dawns you may cry.
Now stand up. Just get up.
Raise your arms. Fists far up.
There’s no penance.
Love’s the reason.
Now fly.

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