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Triumph of Spirit Archetype System

A R/Evolutionary New Energy
Archetype System

What are archetypes?

An archetype is an idea, expressed in poetry, prose, image, music, etc., that answers a  Big Question. Big questions are questions like “Who am I?”, “What is my purpose?”, and “Why am I here?”

According to Dr. Sosteric, there are two types of archetypes, old energy archetypes and new energy archetypes.

Old energy archetypes are archetypes that emphasize hierarchy, privilege, authority, judgment, and worse.

New energy archetypes are archetypes that emphasis equality, enlightenment, service, peace, compassion, and so on.

Old energy archetypes convey/legitimize

  • Hierarchy

  • Power

  • Privilege

  • Disconnection

  • Enslavement

  • War

You can see some of these old energy archetypes expressed in the old energy tarot “Wheel of Fortune” card below. The old energy card shows an elite figure lording it over a primitive, ape-like, humanity.

New energy archetypes convey/Legitimize

  • Joy, harmony, unity

  • Freedom, emancipation, enlightenment,

  • Strength, empowerment, co-creation

  • Awakening, activation, ascension

  • Peace, compassion

  • Love, joy

You can see an example of a new energy archetype in the Triumph of Spirit World archetype card below, which shows the rainbow spectrum of humanity working together to create the world.

TOSAS Archetype - Star

A New Energy Archetype System

The Triumph of Spirit is an r/evolutionary New Energy archetype system that breaks old energy archetypes that limit, diminish, and control you, and replaces them with a universal set of healing and emancipating ideas capable of awakening and uplifting.

To get started, download the TOSAS Book One “Healing and Activating with the Triumph of Spirit” for free, or get ebook and print versions (if available).

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Note, the TOSAS is an intermediate level resource, and part of a larger system of spirituality and human development known as the Lightning Path. To get the most out of this archetype system, start at the beginning by visiting and signing up for free lessons.